Golf Simulation with Cutting Edge Technology

QED is where passion meets precision. Advanced mathematics mingle with hyper-precise sensors - capturing crystal clear moments in time. High-speed photos of your club and ball spin recite every aspect of your swing. Enhanced graphics reveal a vivid world in the finest detail.


Golf Simulation with Cutting Edge Technology

• Provides authentic swing experience to enhance performance
• Verified data results in productive practice and accurate fitting
• Multiple practice modes for endless entertainmen

Any Golfer Can Unlock Confidence in Every Swing

• Shot skills and training > Driving Range and Complex
• Accurate fitting > Precise Photometric Data
• Course management and prep for round > Stroke Play Mode

Unparalleled Accuracy of Cutting-edge Hyper Speed Cameras

Equipped with (2) Ultra High Speed Cameras, (3000 fps each) we provide real-time footage of ball spin, club path and true impact